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Hvordan å få produktet reparert

I have a technical question about Olympus binoculars.

Just send an e-mail to the OM Digital Solutions Technical Support or call our team of experts. We will be pleased to help you.

Click here for more details.

My Olympus binoculars are not working properly, what can I do?

First, you should consult your instruction manual. When in doubt, please visit your dealer who will examine your equipment and if necessary, return it to us on your behalf.

How can I get my Olympus binoculars serviced?

Bare send e-post til OM Digital Solutions’ tekniske støtte. Vi vil gjerne hjelpe deg.

Klikke her hvis du vil ha mer informasjon.

My Olympus binoculars are out of warranty. Can I still send my product in to be serviced?

Of course you can. Please follow the same instructions as outlined above. We will then provide you with a cost estimate for the repair by mail, e-mail or fax. Please confirm your repair order likewise.

What is covered by the OM Digital Solutions binoculars’ 25-year European warranty?

Please refer to our warranty information. This warranty does not cover misuse, accident, neglect or fair wear and tear. Your statutory rights are unaffected.