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Featured product Peripheral Bronchoscopy — Safe and Effective Solutions for Peripheral Lung Regions

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As the world leader in endoscopy, Olympus offers a choice of two bronchoscopic sampling solutions: The combination of a scope and the Guide Sheath or the brand-new ultra-thin BF-MP190F scope.

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Featured product SVS Valve Treatment — Solutions for Emphysema and Air Leak

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SVS valve treatment is a promising approach for treating a diseased lung in emphysematous patients or a damaged lung resulting in air leaks. The patented one-way SVS valve is a device placed in selected lung airways where it self-expands and limits the airflow to the occluded areas of the lung while still allowing mucus and trapped air to pass by outside of the valve in the proximal direction.


PeriView FLEX NA-403D-2021

Flexible 21G transbronchial aspiration needle designed for sampling lesions in the periphery of the lungs

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The PeriView FLEX needle is expected to help to increase the diagnostic yield in the periphery as well as to improve access to target sites thanks to enhanced needle flexibility.

  • 21G needle supporting diagnostic yield in the periphery for lesions with or without a bronchus sign.
  • 2 cm needle length facilitates the sampling of larger lesions. A stopper at 1 cm also supports the sampling of smaller lesions.
  • High flexibility needle dedicated to reaching the periphery of the lung.

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