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Ultrasonic and Bipolar Generator

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The USG-410 is the world’s first and smallest1 generator which activates both hybrid (THUNDERBEAT) and ultrasonic (SONICBEAT) energy in a single unit. It still has the same 7 mm vessel reliable sealing and fast tissue-cutting capability as its legacy generators.2

  • All-in-one: stand-alone generator for THUNDERBEAT and SONICBEAT, for lower initial capital investment.
  • 34% shorter sealing time: a new sealing algorithm for SEAL Mode results in up to 34% reduction in sealing time (compared to USG-400)3​.
  • Efficiency & safety: Intelligent Tissue Monitoring (ITM), onsite safety and output measurement, error log accessible by the user​.
  • Unique identification number.
1 As of november 2019.
2 Ultrasonic generator USG-400 and electrosurgical generator ESG-400
3 Based on a benchtop test using vessels up to 2 mm comparing the SEAL mode’s time of THUNDERBEAT Type S with USG-410 vs. electrosurgical generator ESG-400 and ultrasonic generator USG-400. (both condition set under default level) (n=30, p<0.01)

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