SOLTIVE Premium – SuperPulsed Laser System

This Changes Everything




The SuperPulsed Laser System SOLTIVE Premium is powered by a novel energy source for striking results compared to conventional Holmium YAG. Get used to dusting in half the time. Fragmenting stones relentlessly – with virtually no retropulsion. 1 Precisely cutting through soft tissue and state-of-the-art prostate enucleation, with visibly improved hemostasis. 2

SOLTIVE in Lithotripsy

2x Faster Dusting

Stone dusting in half the time of the leading Holmium YAG laser, and with impressive generation of finer particulate.3

Virtually No Retropulsion

The inherent stone stabilizing effect of SOLTIVE means dramatically reduced retropulsion, less chasing of stone fragments and more control during lithotripsy.1

4x Greater Absorption

The optimum laser wavelength means more energy is transferred to the stone — with more than four times greater absorption than any Holmium YAG system.6

SOLTIVE in BPH and Soft Tissue

Highly Versatile

SOLTIVE can be used for different urological applications and is the solution for surgery centers seeking an all-in-one, cost-effective platform.

Safety and Efficacy for BPH

State-of the-art prostate enucleation, with impressive hemostasis.2

Reduced Thermal Effects

Because it uses lower power for ablation, SOLTIVE may reduce the thermal effects that can cause soft tissue damage and irritative symptoms.4,5

Three Reasons Why Users Believe in SOLTIVE Premium

SOLTIVE Offers Value That Matters

Air-Cooled System

SOLTIVE is cooled by air, resulting in a small footprint and low noise level. No fluid management is required.

Energy Efficiency

SOLTIVE sets new levels of efficiency with reduced energy consumption compared to Ho:YAG lasers.

Low Noise Level

Due to its air-cooled system SOLTIVE has a low noise level.

Standard Wall Outlet

SOLTIVE only requires a standard wall outlet without the need for a special infrastructure in the OR.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

The combination of performance and low service requirements reduces the cost of ownership of SOLTIVE.

Small Footprint

Its small footprint and low weight of only 40 kg allow for easy positioning and portability.

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