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Rigid HD Laryngoscopes

Endoscopes for Ear, Nose, Throat Procedures

Ear, Nose, Throat

Olympus rigid HD laryngoscopes offer excellent views of the larynx and vocal cords' finest structures during throat endoscopy. The innovative design of these rigid laryngoscopes reduces pharyngeal reflex and avoids refocusing during procedures.

  • High Image Quality – Great Convenience
    Visualization of the finest structures.
    No refocusing required during procedures.
  • Innovative Design – Great Durability
    Reduces cost over lifetime.
    New patented lens system.
    Reduces lens breakage.
  • Patients’ Convenience
    Less pharyngeal reflex: The distance between the optics and the distal end is reduced to a minimum.
  • Ready for Use
    Compatible with relevant reprocessing techniques – autoclaving, automated cleaning and disinfection.
    Detach the handle for easy and complete cleaning.

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