PK TECHNOLOGY Powering Gynecology

PK TECHNOLOGY is an impedance-controlled bipolar energy system for laparoscopic gynecological surgery.

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Clinically Proven for Over Ten Years

PK TECHNOLOGY is an effective technology that has over ten years of proven clinical history and that

  • is safer than traditional energy technologies, such as monopolar or conventional bipolar 1,2,3,4
  • is associated with reduced operation time and high patient satisfaction 5 ,
  • eliminates the risk of electrical injury 5 ,
  • minimizes thermal damage to the tissue 6 .

Driven by Only One Versatile Energy Platform

PK TECHNOLOGY provides surgeons with the ability to seal, transect, coagulate, dissect, vaporize, resect, and mobilize tissue all with precision and control from one energy platform: the ESG-400 – a fully equipped, latest-generation HF generator that provides the PK TECHNOLOGY instruments with advanced bipolar energy. An autodetection function and dedicated sealing and cutting modes for PK TECHNOLOGY instruments and other Olympus devices help simplify the OR workflow.

Wide Range of Multifunctional Instruments

PK TECHNOLOGY is an impedance-controlled bipolar energy system that is designed specifically to enhance performance and versatility in laparoscopic gynecological surgery. It offers a complete range of multifunctional laparoscopic instruments, each individually designed for a specific application area.

See It Yourself

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