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HICURA - Monopolar and Bipolar Hand Instruments

Surgical instruments for laparoscopic procedures

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HICURA is the new generation of laparoscopic hand instruments that follows the HiQ+ line. Modular system comprising a wide range of product offerings with different lengths, shafts, handles, and jaws to accommodate surgeons' needs. The three-part design enables individual replacement of worn components. The system contains no spare parts that might get lost which turns HICURA into a smart solution for every OR.

  • Adapted handle design for grasping and dissection forceps.
  • Ergonomic Size M and Size L handles available.
  • The hand instruments can be sterilized in assembled condition.
  • Intuitive and easy assembly and disassembly thanks to accoustic "click" feedback.
  • Modular, exchangeable and cost-effective system.

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