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As the world leader in endoscopy, OLYMPUS provides cutting-edge medical technology to health-care professionals around the globe. In 1950 we started our commitment to research and development with the first gastrocamera, the precursor of the modern videogastroscope. Our collaborative efforts with the medical community improve both the underlying technologies and the quality of patient care. The experience through 7.35 millions of annually performed colonoscopies carried out in Europe using Olympus endoscopes and our focus on clinically proven facts make us the top partner for your endoscopy department.
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The Complete Solution for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system is setting new standards for technologies focusing on:

  • Advancing visualization
  • Advancing control
  • Advancing workflow

The EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system is a leap forward in ease-of-use functionality and state-of-the-art technologies. The result is a system that helps physicians conduct procedures efficiently, and helps GI staff members perform setup and reprocessing tasks with ease.

Your Benefits:
Improved Clinical Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

A Platform Dedicated to Clinical Outcomes

Olympus focuses on technologies and solutions that improve endoscopy today. Numerous studies have proven the benefits of EVIS EXERA III. Find out more or download an overview of your clinical and economic benefits.

EVIS EXERA III – itʼs proven.

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Reasons to Choose EVIS EXERA III

for Procurement

Economic Benefits of EVIS EXERA III:

  • NBI and Dual Focus allow implementation of DISCARD and targeted biopsies to reduce histopathology costs
  • RIT and ScopeGuide reduce time to caecum in colonoscopy and need for sedation
  • Less need for sedation saves costs and allows quicker patient recovery


Clinical Value of EVIS EXERA III

Clinical Benefits of EVIS EXERA III:

  • NBI improves detection of adenomas and eases monitoring of ADR
  • Dual Focus and NBI allow optical diagnosis with high confidence
  • NBI is approved for DISCARD strategy by ESGE, ASGE, and NICE
  • RIT and ScopeGuide ease scope insertion and reduce patient pain


Value for Your Endoscopy Department

Olympus is the provider of gastroenterological solutions covering the entire clinical process and the associated interfaces. From diagnosis and therapy to documentation, reprocessing, and maintenance, Olympus supports professionals in day-to-day hospital operations with solutions developed hand in hand with experts in the field of gastroenterology.


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Market-Leading Key Technologies of EVIS EXERA III

A New Wave of Diagnostic Possibilities

How it Works

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) is an optical image enhancement technology. It is made up of filtered light that matches the absorption spectrum of the hemoglobin in the blood, enhancing the contrast and visualization of vessel patterns in the mucosa, for accurate diagnosis of tissue changes.

A New Level of Visualization

How it Works
Dual Focus is a two-stage optical lens technology from Olympus that allows physicians to switch from normal to near focus mode with the push of a button, bringing a new level of visualization in an easy-to-use package.

The Result
More confidence in optical diagnosis.

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Enhanced Procedural Efficiency

How it Works
Responsive Insertion Technology (RIT) is a unique combination of three proprietary Olympus technologies that lead to faster and easier navigation:

  • Passive Bending (PB) helps EVIS EXERA III colonoscopes move through acute bends in the colon
  • High Force Transmission (HFT) provides improved operator control for pushing, pulling, and twisting maneuvers
  • Variable Stiffness (VS) allows the flexibility of Olympus colonoscopes to be adjusted incrementally

The Result
Shorter intubation time and less patient discomfort.

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Navigated Colonoscopy

How it Works
ScopeGuide is an integrated technology for colonoscopy that provides real-time 3D visualization of scope position and configuration. This new level of visualization is a helpful tool during colon insertion and provides physicians with the ability to recognize and resolve loops as they form.

The Result
Higher cecal intubation rate and less patient discomfort.

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