Enter the Future of Endoscope Reprocessing

The Difference Is Clear: Safer, Faster, Energy-Saving.
The ETD washer disinfector makes endoscope reprocessing more efficient, while delivering improved safety and convenience for your patients and staff. ​
Advanced cleaning and disinfection efficiency and environmental friendliness — welcome to the future of reprocessing.

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About the ETD Basic and ETD Premium

Our goal is to provide your team with the best possible reprocessing solution, ensuring high-quality patient safety at all times.

The Olympus ETD was built to deliver exceptional hygiene standards with cleaning and disinfection performance that exceeds current regulatory requirements 3.
The Difference Is Clear.

Olympus ETD Commitment to Sustainability

Less Consumption = Positive Impact
on the Planet

The ETD provides remarkable cleaning and disinfection standards 1,2, all while using less power, water and chemicals than its predecessor, the ETD4, resulting in a positive impact on the planet, your patients and your running costs.

Find the Perfect ETD Model for You

ETD Basic, or ETD Premium? We are happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.

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