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ETD Mini

Smart Reprocessing

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With ETD Mini Olympus is entering into a new level of endoscope reprocessing. Thanks to the implementation of the new PAA Pro process chemistry and various new accessories, the ETD Mini will support you to optimize your daily endoscope reprocessing workflow while enhancing patient and user safety.

The ETD Mini offers:
  • Facilitating your reprocessing workflow
    Within 20 minutes your endoscope can be ready for the next patient, when applying the new PAA Pro process chemistry.
  • Enhancing patient and user safety
    PAA Pro chemistry comes in a new canister design with a unique mechanical and color coded connector system. This will improve your safety by ensuring a drip free and error free canister exchange. Typically Olympus, this is not enough! ETD Mini also applies a well-accepted and user friendly endoscope adapter concept, user proven at Olympus ETD Double.
  • Providing stress-free operation
    Olympus is doing extensive material compatibility testing and process efficacy testing on real endoscopes: We take the safety of your endoscopes seriously! The ETD Mini housing and the expertly processed components are designed for a lifetime of 8 years. And should you ever need any support, we are offering you a quick and reliable maintenance and service, independent where you have your endoscopy located.

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