Bipolar and multipolar radiofrequency ablation (RFA) with the CELON Power System allows an effective treatment of tumors, metastases and other pathological tissues. Being used in laparoscopic, percutaneous and open surgical procedures, this method complements e.g. chemotherapy or surgical procedures. It provides a safe alternative to monopolar radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation or cryoablation.

Tumors and metastases in liver, kidney, lung and bone (e.g. osteoid osteoma) can be treated by means of CELON Power System. The bipolar radiofrequency ablation also provides safe and efficient ablation of thyroid nodules and can be used for pain therapy (e.g. facet joint denervation).

Key Benefits

Two electrodes are located at the tip of the applicator being separated by an insulator. The current only flows between those two electrodes and is therefore limited to the target region. No neutral electrode is needed. Principally, this enables the user to treat patients with pacemakers and improves the safety level of treatment.

The CELON Power System allows the user to connect more than one applicator at the same time. In multipolar mode the current flows between all possible electrode combinations. Hereby, a large and homogenous ablation zone around the applicators and especially in their center can be achieved.

For multipolar radiofrequency ablation the CELON ProSurge applicators can be placed inside the tumor but also around the tumor. By insertion of the applicators just beyond the tumor margins the target tissue is coagulated from the outside to the inside. The predictability of the ablation volume is even more precise due to this ablation approach. Also, the possibility to cause seeding of tumor cells when positioning the applicators decreases by this means. Studies show that the complete necrosis rate can be improved as well as the rate of tumor recurrence.

The CELON Power generator provides an algorithm for optimized energy deposition and minimized treatment time. The integrated automatic power control RCAP automatically modulates the power output. Therefore, the tissue resistance is continuously measured. RCAP prevents the tissue from dehydration in order to avoid an interruption of the RF current flow. Manual control of the power level is not necessary during the treatment.

For completing the ablation procedure the puncture channel can be coagulated during applicator removal. Puncture channel bleedings or tumor cell seeding can be avoided. An acoustic impedance feedback and an Auto Stop function guide the user through this track ablation.

Being optimized for different fields of application, the bipolar CELON ProSurge applicators are available in various diameters, shaft and electrode lengths and even as MR compatible variants. Shaft markings enable the user to estimate the penetration depth. High flexural rigidity and sharp trocar tips allow precise placement of the applicators and easy puncturing of tissue. By means of the peristaltic pump CELON Aquaflow most of the applicators are internally cooled in order to improve the coagulation efficiency.

CELON Power System

The CELON Power System consists of the CELON Power generator, the peristaltic pump CELON Aquaflow and the system trolley CELON Mobile with infusion stand. A clear design of the control elements and user-friendly functionalities simplify the use of CELON Power. Up to three simultaneous CELON ProSurge connections are possible for performing multipolar ablations. By using CELON Connect BU adapters even the connection of up to six applicators at the same time can be realized. For documentation purpose the temporal course of treatment parameters like power, energy, and resistance can be displayed and stored via the optional CELON Power Monitor software.

Product Details

Main Principle

The method is based on the principle of local thermal deactivation of the target tissue by depositing radiofrequency energy. The affected tissue is heated above 60°C and coagulated. The coagulated volume is resorbed by the body within a few weeks to months.

Clinical benefits

  • Predictable ablation: Bipolar RF current flow limited to target region
  • Multipolar technology allows intratumoral and extratumoral (No-Touch Technique) placement of applicators
  • Large range of ablation diameters due to versatile applicator portfolio: from less than 5 mm up to 90 mm
  • Lower rate of local tumor recurrence compared to monopolar RFA
  • High clinical success and low complication rates
  • Mode for track ablation to avoid puncture channel bleedings and tumor cell seeding
  • Optimized treatment by RCAP (resistance controlled automatic power)
  • Percutaneous, laparoscopic and open surgical access

Power supply

  • Voltage 100 – 240 V ~
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption 380 W


  • Width 436 mm
  • Height 175 mm
  • Depth 335 mm
  • Weight 11.9 kg


  • Power 1 – 25 W (in steps of 1 W)
  • 25 – 250 W (in steps of 5 W)
  • Frequency 470 kHz (±10 kHz)


  • Protection class I, IP 21
  • Applied part type BF, defibrillation-safe

Bipolar RFA of Thyroid Nodules with the CELON Power System - Procedure Video

This video demonstrates how to use the CELON Power System for bipolar radiofrequency ablation of benign thyroid nodules.

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