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Featured product VISERA ELITE II — A New World of Observation Possibilities

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Olympus has overcome the technical barrier of video image rotation with a 30° rigid laparoscope. This allows correct orientation, no matter what viewing angle is desired. You can now change the view direction while maintaining horizontal orientation of images, enabling a continuous critical view in 3D.



VISERA ELITE II video system center

UrologyGynecologyGeneral SurgeryOR Integration

The VISERA ELITE II video system center combines the LED light source and the processor in one box. It defines a new means of simplicity in the OR. One single cable for 3D observation and an intuitive touch panel for control, with no interruption of the procedure.

  • All-in-one 2D/3D processor and LED light source
  • LCD touch panel
  • LED light source (light intensity comparable with XENON 300 Watt)
  • Special light observation
  • Supports IR observation

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ENDOEYE 3D 10 mm

Video Telescope, ENDOEYE 3D, 30° and 0°

UrologyGynecologyGeneral SurgeryOR Integration

The ENDOEYE 3D enables 3D procedures without compromises. The autoclavable, rigid videolaparoscopes provide comfortable, natural 3D perception with a wide field of view and realistic colors. It is the only 3D laparoscope with 30° image rotation while maintaining the horizon.

  • 3D-image rotation without loss of horizon
  • Chip-on-the-tip technology
  • Autoclave compatibility
  • Full control during surgery
  • Plug and play

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