Olympus offers cutting-edge solutions for middle ear surgeries and myringotomy. Richards hand instruments, Explorent hand instruments, video solutions, middle ear implants, ventilation tubes, and disposables are all part of the portfolio.

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Middle Ear Surgery

Olympus offers leading visualization technologies as well as a high-speed drill and accessories that help maximize your time and improve your patient outcome for a variety of otology surgeries.


Stapedioplasty, which includes stapedotomy and stapedectomy, is a surgical procedure used to address a hearing loss that is usually caused by otosclerosis. This disease can cause a conductive hearing loss as it slowly and progressively immobilizes the stapes bone, thus hindering the transmission of sound wave vibrations to the inner ear space.

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Ossiculoplasty is a surgical process wherein there is a surgical process where the ossicular chain is reconstructed. The reconstruction may involve one, two, or all three of the middle ear ossicules. The goal of the reconstruction is to reestablish a pathway for the conduction of sound wave vibrations from the tympanic membrane to the oval window (at the entrance to the inner ear).

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