Flexible Endoscopy

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Therapeutic Scopes

Therapeutic flexible endoscopes bring numerous benefits. The working channel allows for the passage of instruments, enabling therapeutic procedures such as biopsies, laser treatments, and vocal cord injections and augmentations to be performed in-office.

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Clinical Value of Office-Based Procedures
With ENF-VT3

Clinical Value of ENF-VT3

Performing biopsies in an outpatient setting with ENF-VT3 could improve patient pathway by decreasing patient waiting times by up to 93%. (2,3)

ENF-VT3 value sheet

Economical Value of ENF-VT3

ENF-VT3 enables the move of procedures like biopsies to an outpatient setting, which may result in significant cost reduction of up to 91% per procedure.(4)

Unique Feature

The 4-direction angulation of the ENF-VT3 scope helps specialist to access difficult areas easier and with more precision.

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Olympus offers LED-based stroboscopy, which enables ENT specialists better vocal fold analysis, enabling accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans, leading to improved patient outcomes and voice quality.

Documentation and Data Management

Uncover the remarkable benefits of a tailored centralized documentation system thoughtfully designed for ENT practices. Effortlessly guide patients throughout their entire care journey, from initial evaluation to post-treatment follow-up, nurturing uninterrupted continuity of care, optimal treatment outcomes, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

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Your Complete Workflow Solution

Increasing demands on hospital hygiene is fueled by discussions on multiresistant pathogens. That makes medical endoscope reprocessing a central focus for clinical quality management. Olympus provides a holistic product and service portfolio for secure and sophisticated endoscope reprocessing. This includes a variety of ETD washer disinfectors for endoscope reprocessing and EDC Plus for drying and storage purposes.

For reliable reprocessing processes, Olympus offers quick and effective service solutions including a full range of maintenance and validation activities. This improves uptimes of all Olympus products in the reprocessing workflow.

Olympus — the partner for efficient, safe endoscope reprocessing!

Laryngology Training Library

In this video, Professor Markus Hess and Susanne Fleischer from the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER in Hamburg, Germany, demonstrate tips and tricks regarding the handling of flexible endoscopes and explain the benefits of a variety of features, including the working channel, buttons, suction and instrumentation.

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"Good Practicing Laryngoscopy by Susanne Fleischer, MD and Markus Hess, MD"
Deutsche Stimmklinik, Hamburg, Germany


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