Endoscopic Image Database and Training Modules from Renowned Clinicians


As a manufacturer of cutting-edge technologies for a variety of medical disciplines, Olympus understands the importance of training aimed at helping you integrate the technology into your daily clinical workflows.

For users of our gastrointestinal video endoscopy platforms as well as EndoCapsule, we are pleased to announce the launch of EndoAtlas - a central online resource providing you with an array of case material from the entire gastrointestinal tract. EndoAtlas contains high-resolution images and detailed case reports, making it a valuable tool for education, training and skills development in the areas of optical diagnosis and Narrow Band Imaging.

The cases included in EndoAtlas have been provided by renowned global experts and the number of cases is constantly growing. There is no need for registration and furthermore, access is completely free of charge! Please access EndoAtlas by clicking on the link below.

(Please note that EndoAtlas is solely for use by qualified medical professionals. By clicking on the link below, you confirm that you are a qualified medical professional)

Olympus EndoAtlas