First to Market

With the introduction of the first ESD knife in the world, ITKnife, Olympus opened up a new area of patient-friendly endoscopic treatment — and is committed to offering reliable and innovative solutions to you.

Collaboration With the Leaders

Our products are designed by our innovation center in Tokyo, focusing on research and development together with the world leaders in ESD.

Procedural Excellence

Precision products of the highest quality and the world’s largest portfolio to cover all your needs during ESD — a procedural masterpiece.

Number 1 Endoscopy System

Breathtaking image quality, unique features such as RDI and TXI — EVIS X1 is the still unmatched benchmark.

Profit through Education

Learn with experts, benefit from hands-on sessions and virtual training. Meet experts, become an expert.

Single-Use Electrosurgical Knives

DualKnife J – Advancing the Evolution

Experience DualKnife J, the versatile ESD knife featuring easy two-step knife adjustment, a knob-shaped tip to prevent the knife from slipping, sheath marking for improved control and a slim sheath with just the right rigidity.
With the addition of a convenient jet, the evolved DualKnife J makes operations easier and helps to reduce the time it takes to perform an ESD procedure.

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HookKnife J With Jet Function

With an L-shaped, rotatable hook that can be locked, the new HookKnife J is designed to help you take advantage of the hooking technique. Using this technique will help you dissect fibrotic tissue in a narrow lumen with precision and control — even from a perpendicular direction.
The convenient jet will reduce the time it takes to perform an ESD procedure.

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The TriangleTipKnife J for ESD and POEM

Designed for more complex ESD techniques and advanced POEM procedures, the TriangleTipKnife J features a thinner, more compact tip and a convenient jet function that makes operations easier and helps to shorten procedure times. This knife is all you need — from marking to incision, additional injection, dissection and hemostasis.

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ITKnife 2 — With Insulated Tip and Triangle-Shaped Electrode

This knife features an insulated tip with a triangle-shaped electrode. It enables incision and dissection of large lesions in the stomach — at fast speed.
A coil sheath with optimized rigidity helps to maintain maximum maneuverability.

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ITKnife nano — With Small Insulated Tip and Disc-Shaped Electrode

ITKnife nano with a small insulated tip, shorter knife length and special disc-shaped electrode facilitates more effective ESD in areas where the submucosal layer is thin and the working area is limited, such as in the esophagus and colon.

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