Hamburg, 05/06/2021 | Story | Medical Systems Connecting the Dots: Olympus Contributes to International Film Series about Medical Technology

How Medical Technology can change lives, even save lives – the impressive short films in the "Connecting the Dots" series connect dots from diagnosis to cure, moments in a patient’s journey that matter. Presented by the European industry association MedTech Europe, BBC StoryWorks produced 28 films for 21 medical technology companies. The Olympus film is one of them…

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At the age of 28, Christin Eilers is diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Her story raises awareness, and gives hope.

Thomas Rösch, Professor of Gastroenterology at Hamburg University Hospital, performing a colonoscopy – a decisive step in successful CRC prevention.

„I got stuck in a nightmare“– Christin is diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC) at the age of 28. Her mission today: Sharing her experiences in the fight against the disease with other people and raising awareness for CRC prevention. In addition to Christin's very personal story, the film also provides the professional perspective of a renowned gastroenterologist, his knowledge and his visions.

About the series

The Olympus film is a contribution to the short film series Connecting the Dots. The idea behind it: exploring the ubiquity of medical technology, raising awareness for the impact it has on improving healthcare systems and saving lives. On the way from diagnosis to cure, innovative technology meets today’s major challenges in healthcare and makes it more resilient. By highlighting the crucial role of endoscopy in the fight against CRC, Olympus underlines its Purpose of making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling. Have a look!


Discover the whole Connecting the Dots series on BBC StoryWorks’ website.



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